Happy Monday!

As we all know, unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery, your debt payoff isn’t going to be an overnight process. Weeks, months, years even – it takes dedication! And since my family just got started a few weeks ago, we’re nowhere close! So, what do you do in between those snowball payments that really make your debt disappear?

Find more ways to save money of course! Let’s talk FOOD for a few.

I’ve seen it and lived it myself – you’re doing well saving, paying bills and sticking to your plan. But suddenly you open the fridge and (GASP) there’s nothing but leftovers there and well, let’s face it, we don’t want leftovers all the time. So, you run out to the local fast food place and grab “something quick”, come home and chow down. No biggie, right? Maybe not, but if this becomes a habit it will quickly eat into your wallet and debt pay down plan.

One of our local favorite things to go out and grab quickly, that can feed the family (four of us) is good ol’ North Carolina pulled pork BBQ. There’s a place literally within walking distance of my house that sells it by the pound, ready to pick up and go. Heck, they even sell the buns to go with it.

Here are their going rates as of today:

  • ½ lb pulled pork – $6.79
  • 1 lb pulled pork – $10.59
  • 12pk buns – $3.99

Not terrible, right? Before we all jump in the car let’s consider something else we could do.

My wife and I took a trip to our local Sam’s Club a few days back and they had full, bone-in Boston Butts for sale at decent prices. I bought a 6.5lb piece of meat for $11.05:


Luckily I’m already the proud owner of a pretty solid offset smoker, so I thought an $11 Boston Butt would be an awesome cook and a great way to spend the day outside. We brought our pork home, rubbed it down with some brown sugar and spices, then wrapped it up in plastic wrap and left it to refrigerate overnight.


Saturday morning around 11am I fired up our charcoal and got our smoker going:


Threw the pork on and away we went doing some yard work, cleaning up around the house, and eventually all hanging out together outside and playing a few games of corn hole! All we had to do is tend to the fire occasionally, add wood for smoking (cherry and hickory), and spritz the pork down with apple cider to keep it from drying out.

Roughly 7 hours later, we had our result:



I must say, it turned out great! Spent the day with the family, even ended up inviting friends over for dinner, and all for roughly $15 total, including the buns we that we bought for sandwiches.

You may be asking – why am I telling you all this?

I just wanted to show you that with a little work, you can have your own awesome meals at home for WAY less than paying for the convenience of having someone else do it for you. For comparison:

1lb of BBQ from the local smoke joint – $10.59

Once cooked, I ended up with roughly 5lbs of pulled pork for $11.05!  And those leftovers – my family would almost fight over…. No waste here!

Yeah, it’s a decent amount of work for some BBQ, but if you think of it as saving money AND enjoying time with family – it’s worth it!

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