It has been a while…



Well folks, it has been awhile.  A long while actually, since my last post, which was published way back in the good old days of September 2018.  I know, I know… if you’re going be serious about maintaining a blog, consistency is key right?  Here’s my pledge and goal going forward – weekly posts!


Since this page is intended to be finance and debt related it would seem to me that the best day of the week for posts is going to be Friday (pay day for lots of us).  At the end of the week we will be better able to judge successes (or failures) for the week and make any necessary tweaks for the following week’s budget plan.


How are things going with the debt plan you ask?  Remember way back in a post where I discussed how “life happens” sometimes and budget plans get thrown off track?  Let’s just say life happened.  Lots of life happened.  Without going into too many details, a family member was hospitalized not once, but twice since we spoke last.  Things have been super hectic and stressful for months and at home and at work, but thankfully we’re on the upswing and back to goal setting.


And with that, my apologies for disappearing from the world for a bit.  Getting that (snow)ball rolling again is exciting, and I hope to be able to share quite a few successes with you all in the coming weeks.  I’ll also be (finally) sharing the spreadsheet that I’ve found that seems to be the best tool so far to help visualize your pay down goals.  Oh, and one other thing that I’ll be asking for your input on when it comes to planning the weekly/monthly budget for our family.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all (if you’re into that) and see you again on Friday!

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